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Protect, Preserve, and Nurture your reputation online

Today, you are what Google says you are, it is sad, but absolutely true. In fact, businesses are losing thousands of dollars every day due to false, misleading and erroneous information. Whether these listings are from a sneaky competitor, a message board or news website, the impact can be devastating and financially challenging to you and your business. Internet doesn’t come with a pause button and when this detrimental content is there, it is out there for everyone to see. The longer it remains on the web, the more damage it will do to your business. The idea is to move these offensive posts off the first page of search engines and this is where we step in.

How can we help?

With years of industry experience, My Reputation Correction can help you monitor and manage your online reputation. The initial step involved in maintaining your online reputation is to constantly monitor the list of keywords or key phrases relevant to your business. Whenever any news appears in the top search engine results, we inform you so that you can review the impact of that news on your reputation and take an appropriate action at the right time. Not only this, we also keep an eye on the latest trends in content so you can be aware of information that is making its way to the top page of search engine.