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What is the cost of an average campaign?

Though the pricing is decided on the basis of your particular situation, the campaign cost will usually depend on the number of keywords involved. The keyword refers to a key-phrase or name that has been affected by offensive posts and needs to be elevated in search engines.

Can you remove the inaccurate content from the internet?

No, we cannot get these offensive listings about you or your business off the web. However, if the client identifies the inaccurate content, we can find the webmaster of the blog or forum and may argue for removal. We have a good success rate under these conditions. In case, the content is libelous, we may bring a legal solution to bear.

How long does it take to get started?

Mostly we are able to assemble a team for the project on the day the client signs up with us. Our representative provides the client with a questionnaire to fill out. The moment we get it back with the required basic information and the instructions, we start working on the campaign with immediate effect.

Who will be providing the content?

Usually, we write down the content based on the initial details that you provide us with to write about. However, we offer you an array of options when it comes to the content. One of these options is that you may write the content by yourself if you’d prefer so and we can take take care of rest of the activities. We only publish and promote the content that is approved by clients. We can help them by introducing to professional content writers, however the clients will still be responsible for the accuracy of content written by third-party content writers.