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About Us

Online Reputation Correction serves as a powerful partner to businesses and individuals who have been wrongly accused online. We have one simple goal: to help you control how people perceive you on the internet. We are aware that even a single misguided blog posting can tarnish your online reputation within hours, and that your online reputation is your topmost priority. We are here to help you identify the problem source, evaluate the impact and then take appropriate action.


Online Reputation Correction is part of a global IT company that is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. Besides, we have a rapidly growing network of legal partners worldwide.


Our Values

At Online Reputation Correction, we understand your need for confidentiality and respect your privacy. Our extensive expertise and industry experience leverages us to address your concerns with utmost professionalism and deliver you the best service. By communicating thoroughly and engaging you at every step, we keep you in the loop and make the entire process transparent. We utilize the power of our global presence to offer you exceptional support, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Our team will work as your personal workforce.

How do we do it?

Our team comprises professional leaders, each supervising 10 to 20 technical specialists. Each team is responsible for a specific technical task, such as article writing, content development, blog posting, link acquisition, etc. The team assigned to your project will report to a senior project leader who, along with an identified customer support representative will report directly to you, the client. We involve you in the operational process and ensure that your concerns are addressed in an efficient manner.


There are several people or competitors who try to take advantage of free content publishing on the internet to destroy the reputation of companies. We are aware of this and offer quality online reputation management services to combat these individuals. We do this by following a simple process:

  • The clients identify the online content that is inaccurate and may be damaging to their business’s reputation. We don’t judge the content and it is the responsibility of client to judge the accuracy of content.
  • We may assist clients in legally removing the inaccurate content (as specified by client) through cease and desist letters, written by attorneys, where applicable.
  • The last step is to promote the client approved/provided content to overcome the impacted listings. The idea is to promote the positive content that will take over the position of inaccurate content. As we do not take the responsibility of the content, all content approved by client is considered accurate by us, and we provide services to promote that content so that it is visible for the defined keywords.